Mindsports Champions League

why volunteer

Mindsports Education volunteers lead or assist in leading recreational activities –Scrabble, chess and Go in schools, libraries, non-profits, or community centers.

Volunteers decide which of the three activities they would like to be involved with - Scrabble, chess or Go. Schools who need volunteers will have access to the list of volunteers on our website and can contact you through email. You will have access to a wealth of training tools and the sports room, here you can set up online tournaments playing other schools and clubs.

Mindsports Academy/Education needs volunteers to help with after school activities for children so they can stay engaged after the bell rings.

Help lure students away from TV and video games with the chance to out-spell their classmates in an after-school Scrabble club competition. The after school hours are the most dangerous for young people. This is the time when children get into trouble and are victims. With more than 60% of parents working outside the home, large numbers of youngsters are unsupervised 20 hours weekly. After school clubs provide a safe, fun and engaging environment. Taking part in Mindsports activities help young people improve their social skills, spelling, strategy, gain cognitive skills and increase concentration levels. Possibly the best reason to start one is that’s students are learning without realising it.

how to volunteer

Give back to the mindsports community by volunteering to advance mindsports in educational establishments.

  1. Click the volunteer button
  2. Complete your details
  3. Choose the Mindsports you specialize in
  4. A member of the team will contact you within 48 working hours to confirm your application and advise on the next steps.

meet Ganesh

Ganesh is a mindsports expert and volunteer. Ganesh decided to use his Scrabble skills and high level competition experience to help the scrabble community