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Sumbul Siddqui


Sumbul Siddiqui lives in London, United Kingdom. She originates from Pakistan and moved to London permanently in 2012. Currently studying Human Geography at Queen Mary University of London. Previously, Sumbul has been the student of the year and student president at former school and college. Sumbul has worked part-time at JD Sports UK to gain sales experience.

Sumbul’s passion of Scrabble is a family tradition, she is the third generation of Scrabble after her grandad being the national champion of Pakistan, and her dad being one of the top players of Pakistan. She participated in the World Youth Scrabble Championship 2013 in Dubai and finished 11th, but due to her studies she discontinued Scrabble and was much more active in the promotion of the game. She plays a major role in the promotion of Scrabble in Pakistan by attracting the youth players by working with Pakistan Scrabble Association and follows the guidelines of Mr. Tariq Pervez.

Sumbul is now looking forward to work with Mindsports Academy Education promoting youth scrabble in the UK. She is very keen and working hard to promote her passion of Scrabble all over UK.


Here are the tools
MSA Word Solve

Find the best scoring words with your scrabble letters.

MSA Word Check

An Instant check to find words allowed in scrabble.

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