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Stretch the most able students with online strategy games

Our online games of Chess, Word Games and Go will help every student to meet their full potential.

Our solution helps:

to stretch their most able students while improving literacy and numeracy
to engage their children with classic strategy games in a safe online environment
to play games online with friends throughout the world
to sponsor a local school with a resource that will be appreciated by teachers and students

Classic strategy games in a safe online environment

Why choose Mindsports Education

Schools choose Mindsports Education to support teaching and learning. They stay with us because of our safe tools for building communities, creating tournaments and developing literacy & numeracy

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The most secure site

Multiple online games and tools

School tournament creation

Teaches Teamwork

Strengthens English & Maths

Improves confidence

Improves attention span

Downloadable Word Tool app!

See Mindsports Education in action

Competition and games.. the right way

Launch a lunchtime club where students compete against each other in chess. Extend literacy beyond the classroom with safe, online Scrabble homework. Stretch your most able students with the ancient game of Go.

At Mindsports Education, we give you the tools and training to make this a reality. Watch our video to see MSE in action.

Exeter Chess Club competes with Philadelphia ASAP thanks to Mindsports Education's online tournament features

Planes trains and automobiles proved no obstacle to the chess match between Exeter Chess Club and Philadelphia ASAP

Not long ago, a match like this would have involved trans-Atlantic flights, trains and coaches. Not an easy trip for any youth club to organise. Today, thanks to the online competitive platform offered by Mindsports Education, these teams were able to compete online.

Allow your students to overcome the challenge of distance and disadvantage with a low cost, powerful and safe online strategy environment.

Use these tools to improve your game

Find the best scoring words with your scrabble letters.

MSA Word Solve

An Instant check to find words allowed in scrabble.

MSA Word Check