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Mindsports Education clubs support the teaching of teamwork, help sharpen and strengthen English, Maths and spelling, improve time management, confidence and attention span and encourages pupils to make new friends.

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Sumbul Sidiqqui

Sumbul Siddiqui lives in London, United Kingdom. She originates from Pakistan and moved to London permanently in 2012. Currently studying Human Geography at Queen Mary University of London. Previously, Sumbul has been the student of the year and student president at former school and college. Sumbul has worked part-time at JD Sports UK to gain sales experience.
Sumbul’s passion of Scrabble is a family tradition, she is the third generation of Scrabble after her grandad being the national champion of Pakistan, and her dad being one of the top players of Pakistan. She participated in the World Youth Scrabble Championship 2013 in Dubai and finished 11th, but due to her studies she discontinued Scrabble and was much more active in the promotion of the game. She plays a major role in the promotion of Scrabble in Pakistan by attracting the youth players by working with Pakistan Scrabble Association and follows the guidelines of Mr. Tariq Pervez.
Sumbul is now looking forward to work with Mindsports Academy Education promoting youth scrabble in the UK. She is very keen and working hard to promote her passion of Scrabble all over UK.
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Brett Smitheram

Brett has been playing competitive tournament Scrabble for 20 years, having won most of the major UK titles and enjoying success on the global stage, ranking at or around the very top in the world for almost 15 years.
He has contributed to a number of books and articles on the subject of Scrabble, as well as appearing regularly in the media (he was even a question on Have I Got News for You!)
Brett is the reigning World Scrabble Champion, having won the title in a straight 3-0 victory in the 2016 final in Lille, France, and is the MSI Scrabble Ambassador. He’s already preparing to successfully defend his title and continues to strive to play the perfect game every time.
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Ieysaa Bin-Suhayl

Hi I’m Ieysaa. I live in Norfolk and enjoy chess, table tennis and karting. I’m quite keen on Maths too. I started playing Chess at age 4 and very soon I was addicted. By age 6 I was playing in tournaments and have never looked back.
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Daniel Stembridge

Daniel Stembridge describes his age as "44 of your puny Earth years". He does not reveal what planet he hails from though it is suspected that Scrabble must be played there due to his clear liking for the game. He currently resides on the third rock from the sun in Lancashire, England - not too far from the Lake District, where he can often be found struggling up mountains, across bogs, looking bewildered in fields, and moaning about how far away the nearest pub is. In 2013, he co-founded the Facebook Scrabble League, and is a former Editor of OnBoard, the magazine for British Scrabble Players. He is married, and has two young children.
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Wellington Jighere

My name is Wellington Jighere. I'm a Nigerian, based in Abuja. Other than Scrabble, which I play professionally, I also play Chess quite avidly. Playing Chess is the one singular hobby I enjoy the most. Being the first African to win the WESPAC Scrabble Championship in 2015, I thereafter set up the Wellington Foundation for Scrabble and Mind Development in Africa where our prime objective is to help young Africans discover and live up to their full intellectual potential through the instrumentality of such mind sports as Scrabble and Chess. The realization that Africa is always having to look outside for solutions to our challenges sickens me to the bone, hence my lifelong commitment to promote the mentality that we can actually look inwards someday for solutions if only we can help ourselves tap into that limitless potential, our minds!
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Moiz Ullah Baig

I am 19 years old, pursuing a Bachelor’s in Materials Engineering and currently living in Karachi, Pakistan. I started playing Scrabble at the age of 8 but didn’t enter the mainstream Scrabble until 14, it was after my win at the Inter-School Championship that motivated me to compete with the adults and I somehow managed to beat the then national champion, Waseem Khatri, in my very first game. Now I am ranked 2nd in the country behind Waseem Khatri and have travelled to the UK, UAE, Australia, France, Malaysia, Thailand and Sri Lanka, for playing 3 World Championships, 2 World Youth Championships and a couple of open tournaments. My notable achievements include winning the World Youth Championship 2013, finishing 15th in the World Championship 2016 and being the runner-up in the National Championship 2015 and 2016.
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Waseem Khatri

I am 28 years old, a Scrabble coach by profession and a resident of Karachi, Pakistan. It all started from my home when my cousin introduced me this wonderful game at the age of 8. At 14, I played my first tournament and performed poorly, losing all the rounds. But it never let me down, instead, infused a spirit in me to fight, fight and fight until I became the best, and my hard work paid off when I was crowned the youngest National Scrabble Champion of Pakistan at the age of 18. That was not the end! I have bagged 8 of the last 9 national championship titles being the only Pakistani to do so and have travelled to the UK, UAE, Czech Republic, France, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India for international tournaments including 5 World Championships
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Bob Lynch

Bob has played Scrabble since he was five-years-old and Chess since he was seven. His parents raised him using cognitive games as parenting and education tools. Bob was introduced to Magic in September of 1993, and that has been his game of choice ever since. Though he did enjoy a professional Magic career for a short period, Bob prefers the educational and social aspects of cognitive games. He has started multiple gaming clubs which include Magic, Chess, Scrabble, and others in several secondary and higher education institutions. Bob received his Doctoral degree from Lindenwood University. His dissertation is titled Higher Education Perspectives: Magic the Gathering’s Role in Whole-Person, Academic, and Career Development.
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Michael Fodera

I got started in the game at the age of 13 after reading the Manga Hikaru No Go. Had the lofty notion in my mind that I could travel to Asia, study as an Insei (a Go student) and become professional in a matter of years. Began throwing myself into the game, every weekend, every day after school... I improved rapidly and within a year started teaching at the NY Go Center. After a few years, I burnt out and needed a break In College I was invited to China to participate in friendship games with local students.After being shown how weak my level was compared to China, I was reinvigorated.Not in becoming a better player, but in getting more people involved in the game. With the help of the Shanghai Go Foundation, I Co - founded the American Collegiate Go Association, a group based in the U.S., promoting the game amongst college students in the west.This became my passion.Giving players the same opportunity I had to see how wide the world of Go is.

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Find out more about how Mindsports Education can benefit your students in and out of the classroom. Try our resources for free!

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the ultimate mindsports

Try our online games and resources for FREE! Make new friends whilst playing a variety of games.

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